Isoflavones prove a miracle supplement for enhancing mental performance

Long thought a dietary supplement exclusively benefiting older women by maintaining memory, Soya Isoflavones have actually been shown to positively impact a multitude of cognitive functions in both men and women of all ages.  In a study published by ‘Psychopharmacology’, students were given a high soya diet of 100mg isoflavones/day vs. a control group maintaining a low soya diet (>0.5mg / day) over a 10 week period.  In a series of cognitive tests following the 10 week period, both the men and women receiving the high soya diet exhibited significant improvements in short-term and long-term memory (in both verbal and non-verbal tests) as well as in mental flexibility.  In addition to the mental performance benefits shown by those with high soya diets, these students also experienced a reduced level of tension and anxiety during testing.

So not only can a diet high in soya isoflavones improve mental performance, but it also reduces tension and anxiety – talk about a wonder-food!

The best sources of soya isoflavones are almost exclusively from soy based products, including:

Miso:  59mg (per ½ cup)

Boiled Soybeans:  47mg (per ½ cup)

Dried Soy Nuts:  37mg (per 1 oz.)

Tempeh:  37mg (per 3 oz.)

Soy Milk:  30mg (per 1 cup)

Tofu:  20mg (per 3 oz.)


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