The Mission:
At Sharp Foods™, we are dedicated to helping people achieve more than they ever thought possible each and every day. We strongly believe that to fully take advantage of all life has to offer, people not only need the physical energy to get through their increasingly hectic days, but also the mental endurance needed to give 110% to all their activities.

The Idea:

How often have you found yourself physically exhausted by the afternoon, only to seek a quick fix like soda, coffee, candy or an energy supplement. While it may wake you up, do you ever feel your mind racing or have a hard time focusing on the task at hand?  Many of these quick fixes are giving you an unsustainable or unhealthy boost of energy.

Sharp Foods™ was born out of the idea that people shouldn’t have to compromise their health or their mental focus to feel energized.

We demand more from our food.

Why isn’t there a healthy food option that provides sustainable energy AND keeps the mind sharp to help us achieve more out of life?

This question led to a two year journey, researching healthy foods that not only deliver the body natural energy but also improve mental performance.  Consulting with doctors and researchers allowed us to sift through the myths and uncover the truth about “superfood” ingredients.

This knowledge helped us formulate a unique line of food products dedicated to providing great tasting, all-natural foods that effectively deliver on the mission of providing you with sustainable energy and a sharp mind.

Our Home:
Founded in Cambridge Massachusetts, Sharp Foods™ is fortunate to be surrounded by a vibrant and passionate community dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle.  Situated right in the middle of some of the best educational institutions and start-up businesses in the country, we also understand the importance of keeping your mind sharp when trying to achieve the most out of life.  With ample access to only the best natural ingredients and amazing partner organizations, we could not have asked for a better community in which to bring the vision of Sharp Foods™ to life.

We have also recently partnered with a culinary incubator and non-profit commercial kitchen in Jamaica Plain (just south of Boston) called CropCircle Kitchen.  Many amazing Boston-based food start-ups have come through CropCircle in recent years and we are excited to be a part of such a terrific community of culinary entrepreneurs.

Keep in touch:
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